How can you build a solar panel out of scraps?

And for how much will it cost if you had to buy certain items? And how could you use the energy from the solar panel to power items in your household?



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    Here are two great articles from One is on building your own solar panels for $600 (they will allow you to power a 20 inch TV for 20 hours per week, or a laptop for 40 hours a week).  The second one is about how to build solar panels from damaged panels sold on ebay.  

    Happy building and let the community know how it works if you do it.

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      Thank you! Now me and any others who read this will know how to make an inexpensive solar panel to charge some minor yet common household items. 🙂

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    There are step-by-step instruction manual guide with videos on how to build solar panel from scraps at 

    Vist here:

    how to build your own solar panels

    Hope this help!

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