How can you be green in the workplace while using what you already have?

Happy Earth Day!



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    If you don’t want to buy anthing, then you could be green simply by recycling. Recycle paper, plastic, cans, bottles, ink cartridges, computers, monitors, etc. A lot of things doesn’t even have to be thrown out or recycles, such as computers/printers. You could give them away so that they can be reused by someone who doesn’t want to buy a brand new one. You could also be green by shutting off lights and other electricity in rooms that you aren’t in and on products that you aren’t using. Don’t run water for any longer than you need to, and shut it off between uses. If you have a business that has an elevator as well as stairs, take the stairs (if it’s safe to) to save the electricity used on the elevator. Don’t put the heater up so high/use it as much in the winter, or turn it the cooler down so much/use it as much in the summer. If you’re cold, use blankets and sweatshirts. If you’re hot, wear light clothing. If you want to spend a little money to be more green, switch your cleaning products from chemical to non chemical. The cleaning products that are green usually say something to the effect of “eco…” or “green…” in the product name. Otherwise it’ll be listed somewhere on the bottle. You could also buy energy-efficient light bulbs to save energy in that way too. These are just some ideas!

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    You might also choose to walk or bike to your work, if it’s within a reasonable distance from your home. If public transportation is an option, this can also be beneficial. You can bring water, coffee, or a lunch in re-usable containers to avoid purchasing products from vending machines, like bottled drinks and plastic-wrapped snacks.

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