How can you attract worms to your garden?



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    One of the best ways to attract worms to a garden is adding organic compost to the soil. A compost pile typically consists of twigs or small branches at the bottom of the pile, followed by green materials such as old fruit and green clippings and brown materials such as papers, with a layer of soil between all the layers. Turn the pile with an instrument (broom or fork) to let air in. 

    Things to avoid: overtilling the soil, adding nitrogen rich fertilizers or using chemical pesticides. All these things can kill off earthworms. 

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    Jmendez is correct.  You also want to add what’s called worm castings or worm manure, which is the end-product of the breakdown of organic matter by the earthworm, to the organic compost.  By adding the worm castings to the soil, you are replenishing needed microorganisms that create a healthy environment for the worms to populate.

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