How can you allow so much misinformation concerning styrene and expanded polystyrene (aka Styrofoam) to be presented on your blog?

With no disrespect, Ms. Murphy’s posting is full of so much misleading and outright erroneous information concerning the chemical styrene and the products made from it, including expanded polystyrene (mistakenly called Styrofoam, which is an insulation brand), that I hardly know where to start. Rather than trying to deal with every specific inaccuracy, I think it is best just to direct your readers to three Websites that contain credible, accurate information on the subject , namely, and, for polystyrene foodservice specifically, Your readers deserve factual information upon which to base their lifestyle decisions,not misinformation that is designed more to alarm than enlighten. — Joe Walker for the Styrene Information and Research Center, Arlington, Va.



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    You make a good point, that readers want to hear multiple facets surrounding an issue. Thank you for providing those links and presenting another side to a popular issue so that readers can have access to many different sources of information. 

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