How can world population be stabilized?



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    A couple of ways include women’s rights and economic development, education, and birth control.

    If women in developing countries are given control over their resources and given credit for the work they do, they will not need the security that having so many children brings. Instead they will have a credible social status and control over their education, employment, and family size.

    The education of girls about what large families are doing to the world population and how it can be controlled with contraception will decrease the fertility rate. In countries where no women are enrolled in secondary education, the average woman has seven children, but where 40 per cent of all women have had a secondary education the average drops to three children (Cartledge 3).

    If methods of contraception as well as education in terms of family planning are given to men and women in impoverished countries, then the number of children in each family should decrease. In addition, both education about the population problem and an increase in women in the work force will cause women to wait longer to have children.

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    1. Enforced birth control.
    2. Penalties for exceeding a certain amount of children.
    3. More serious sex education programs in poorer areas.
    4. Offering higher salaries (lower income people tend to have more kids)
    5. Emphasizing the population concern via the media to spread awareness.
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