How can wind turbines help plant life?



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    Although they have little direct effect on plants, wind turbines produce no air pollution, meaning that unlike most of the other means of generating power, plants aren’t harmed by turbines. Of course, there’s always a rare exception to the rule, and for wind turbines, it’s all about placement. When plans were drawn up to install wind turbines on a peat bog in Scotland, for example, conservative politicians argued that the carbon dioxide that the peat naturally holds would be released if it were destroyed, damaging the environment in the process.

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    Wind power can also help agricuture as an industry as well. Farmers can lease their land to wind energy companies with little interference, as they take up little room, and crops can be planted right up to the base of the turbine. This can give agriculture a much-needed economic booster shot. It could also provide the entire farm with clean, renewable power.

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