How can we waste less paper every day?



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    To produce less waste in general, just try to use things that aren’t one-time-use only. Instead of using disposable paper cups for beverages, switch over to mugs that you can wash and re-use. Save scraps of paper for use as scratch paper when you need to balance your checkbook or make notes for work. This may not be feasible depending on your line of work, but try to use only digital copies of documents unless it’s necessary to print out hard copies. One other thing that could save tons of paper everyday is to switch to online billing and stop receiving paper bank statements every month. Hope this gives you some ideas!

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    A couple more ideas: Make sure to print double-sided if you must print a document, but if you don’t need to print the whole thing, try writing notes down on a smaller piece of paper. You can also collect your used paper that you don’t need anymore and have it made into new notepads. Instead of printing articles you find online, you can save them as PDF files and store them on your computer instead of with a hard copy. If you make an effort to get your names off different mailing lists, you may be sent less junk mail, which can reduce your paper consumption too.

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    Also, businesses such as banks and insurance companies often give you an option to get mailed notices and bills, or email notices and bills. Switching over to electronic documents saves paper and energy. Dara0101 made a great point. Always print double sided, it saves half the paper and there is no reason not to do it. 

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