How can we use twitter to help the environment?



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    Any form of communication can help the environment. Twitter is good way to get a message out to many people on where to find more information through a web link. It has a 140 character limit so the length and depth of a message is limited.

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    Follow environmental organizations, charities, and other “green” twitter accounts. You can correspond with them by replying or retweeting their tweets. This way, the people that follow you might become more aware as well. You can promote blogs, articles, or websites through links too. Twitter is great because it’s full of very active members who frequently tweet about the same thing and spread the word fast, whether it’s news or just a random hashtag. For example, people promoted Earth Hour through twitter, encouraging people to participate and spreading awareness. If you work at an environmental organization, twitter would be a great way to spread the word and get people involved.  

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    Since one of Twitter’s main attractions is that celebrities and public figures can communicate with those of us that are not celebrities, celebrities should use their reach to get people to go green.  People feel more compelled to do something when a celebrity or public figure says they are doing something so more celebrities should promote their green efforts and the little (or big) things they do on a daily basis to be greener.  Public figures can also use Twitter to promote the organizations that they work with and new organizations can use Twitter to connect with celebrities that might be able to promote their cause to the public.  Also, in reverse, people who are doing green things everyday can catch the interest of public figures and larger organizations who can retweet their posts and bring attention to the great things the general public does on a regular basis!

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