How can we use science to fix global warming?



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    There have been a couple of ideas on using science to affect global warming, here are a couple:

    Reforestation – Through photosynthesis, trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere, thus reforestation (and reduced deforestation) can play an important role in offsetting carbon emissions. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates reforestation could remove the carbon equivalent to about 10 percent to 20 percent of projected fossil fuel emissions by 2050.

    Proposals to reduce the solar radiation reaching the Earth include putting a large mirror or shade into orbit between the Sun and the Earth, or placing trillions of small transparent sheets in orbit to reduce the sunlight reaching the Earths surface by 2 percent (sufficient to offset warming even with a doubling of CO2), or laying a reflective film over much of the planets deserts.

    Ocean Absorption – A third idea is to add iron to the upper layers of the ocean. Iron acts as a fertilizer, increasing the growth of phytoplankton which, like all plants, creates carbon compounds by removing CO2 from the atmosphere. The resulting algal blooms, when they sink, would take carbon to the sea floor, essentially storing it away.


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