How can we use recycling and federal rebates to get people to be more green?



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    We have to educate people and increase awareness for all things green. If you have the time and the resources, take out an ad in your local paper promoting both recycling and federal rebates on green investment. Another option would be to use any social networking that you do to help spread the word. If you don’t have a recycling program in your city, try this:

    Research the companies in your area that offer recycling programs. Work with them to project ballpark costs that can easily be presented and explained. Next you’ll want to round up your neighbors in support of this change and present as a unified front on the issue. A well-supported petition, taken to your local governing body, would certainly be the most public route and has the likelihood of inciting the change. It is essential to have this process be highly publicized so it can continue to gain support. Usually, recycling is done at the town/city level and can be easily factored into homeowners’ waste management cost once implemented. These sites may be helpful to you: &

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    I think the answer lies in the wording of your question.  Many people distrust the federal government, but it should also be said that many people feel that the federal government is far away from them — that their plans and procedures have no effect on their lives.  If there were some way to have policies come through the municipal level, I believe a change could be seen.

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