How can we use the Olympics to spread a green message?



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    The olympics could attempt to make the athlete’s accomodations more green.  They could require the restaurants to use re-usable, recyclable or compostable plates and silverware and compost food scraps to fertilize the neighborhood gardens. 

    They could also run green ads during the olympics or get athletes to include some green statements in their interviews.

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    As areas hosting the olympics prepare for increased spotlight, they could feature sustainable businesses and organizations to promote ways the community are progressing and draw in support from the viewers world-wide.

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    I’ve thought of this question often since the Olympics were in Atlanta, GA.    A way to honor the 1st Olympics may be to have volunteers dress in a Greek costume and carry on a shoulder a woven basket of some sorts and these special volunteers will dress in Green to show their support and work as healthy inside and out environmentalist.  Healthy inside and healthy outside by collecting recycleables whilst walking the areas of the arenas.  Instead of waiting for the bleachers or seats to empty and then collect the bottles and what nots they may act as a waitress or waiter in a restaurant.   There can still be recycling bins marked with pictures of bottles and cans etc.  My thought is to place a person or persons representing a clean and healthy body and earth as one.  People that haven’t gotten the connection may finally get it.  Clean inside and out, outside and in.  One can not completely happen without the other and thrive in life, for life is for all to enjoy.  All for one and one for all.  That’s what think globally and locally means.  We think of our environment, the place where the olympics are being held and because of our impact on others from around the world they will bring home a since visual understanding as well as a conceptional understanding. 

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