How can we use the natural heat of the earth to heat our homes?



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    I have imagined a shaft being drilled into the earth (much like they do in geothermal power plants), which will allow heat to rise up directly from the source of heat below (the convection and conduction of heated rock, in the form of lava, just below the crust of the earth, the outer mantle). There would actually have to be tons of these shafts drilled into the earth for this to become a usable system to provide heat for a greater number of buildings. The heat would be captured directly from a heated energy system (such as a hot-spot of volcanic activity near, but safely below the earth’s crust, or the radiation of the elements inside the earth, a process which gives off a tremendous amount of heat) and then it could be carried through conduction to the heat source provider in a home—this would probably work best with some type of forced air or hot-water radiator heating system. Think of a maze of insulated pipe-lines suited to carrying heat (hot air, or water or another more efficient conductor—Scientist, any input?), a connected maze of super heated pipes which led down to the core of earth itself! This could potentially heat the entire world without the use of natural gas or fossil fuels. Only it would cost trillions of dollars and be incredible dangerous. But I ask you this—why do we waste the resources that are readily available to us…. temperature conditions where we have one extreme or the other often exist, but then we go ahead and make a machine run (consume excess energy, giving off heat, a direct cause of global warming and emissions of greenhouse gases) anyway? I am talking about the fact that everyone in my town is still running their freezer 24/7 even though there is an abundance of cold air outside, when we could easily be drawing from the outside source (and not having to use any electricity at all, except maybe enough to power a fan which would draw the outside cold air into the freezer space). I feel like we need to invest in serious new technology which involves the super-insulating and capturing of both heat and cold, and we should also make sure we invest researching ways to cut down on waste and instead maximize the re-capture of both heat and cold; this is mainly so we don’t waste tons of energy [!]MegaJoules[!] running motors that don’t need to be run! 

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