How can we use land management to help the environmnet?



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    By preserving natural lands and keeping habitats intact. We must make sure we do not overdevelop lands (paving roads and parking lots instead of fields and meadows)… and that urban sprawl does not consume too much of this beautiful continent. Urban centers are places of concentrated pollution, whereas the open country does much the opposite — it helps filter and clean the air (although not as much as the rain forest). 

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    I run a Natural Garden Care Management Program in a public garden. We use the 2.5 acres in combination with our organization’s mission of animal and habitat conservation to demonstrate “how-to” methods of gardening that result in land stewardship. By educating people about the possibilities inherent in landscape management for the more global mission of environmental preservation, we are providing the tools and know-how for treating your “own backyard” as a piece of the planet.

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