How can we use email to use less paper?



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    Email is a great way to archive your old stuff without having to print everything out, organize it, then riffle back through when you want to find something. With so many email accounts offering gigs upon gigs of storage space, you never have to delete your messages and can often search through them automatically. Email’s also useful because it allows us to duplicate information easily. Instead of having to give every person a hard copy of a document, it can be sent as an email to everyone, which uses no paper at all.

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    As a matter of fact we already do. This is evident in many ways I am sure, but at least one involves USPS and how they aren’t being used as much. Several people that I have known through my life have worked for the USPS and say it is well known within the business that e-mail has taken a substantial bite out of the mail industry.

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    I received an email today with a signature that said “please consider your environmental responsibility before printing this email.” I thought that was a great way to remind people to always consider the environmental impact of their actions.

    Back on topic, I think gmail is a great email provider if you want to cut down on your paper usage. Gmail has a great amount of storage and has great features that allow you to share documents with other users.

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    Foremost, by not utilizing paper. The email itself passes along the information needed, while not wasting good trees to do so (even the U.S. Navy has gotten into this idea).

    Moreover, just by facilitating the spread of information -pointedly, environmentally focused ideas, can the continual spread of “green thoughts” like recycling of paper, be furthered.

    Finally, many emails now contain messages at the bottom such as “think about the environment before printing this.” Lovely thoughts, no?

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    Many businesses and banks offer paperless billing and instead send you bills through your email.  This is an excellent way to reduce the waste of paper.

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