How can we turn waste to energy?



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    There are a multitude of ways we can turn waste into energy. Scientists have been working on turning poultry waste into biodiesel fuel – it is a mix of poultry feathers, blood, and inner organs. Some are studying how to use the sun to turn water and the harmful carbon dioxide into transportation fuels. That process, when perfected, will be twice as effective as photosynthesis. There are actually a rather large number of processes that scientists have or are perfecting that convert waste into energy. If you look at the link below it details over 20 ways that waste can be converted to energy.

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    Stahlbush Island Farms is an excellent example of turning waste to energy.  This new plant in Oregon uses methane released from their local food scraps to generate enough energy for 1,100 homes.  Any biomass waste whether it is yard debris, kitchen scraps, or even manure has value as an energy source.  Exciting news for humans who produce a lot of biomass waste, and consume a lot of energy!

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    Through a process known as catalytic pyrolysis even plastic and rubber waste can be turned into fuel. Here is a great story about some very brilliant and innovative Ugandans who did just that.

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