How can we test for ourselves whether a biodegradable plastic item is biodegradable?



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    1) Check for a bio-compostable logo.
    2) If it includes any petroleum or parabens-based products, it is not a genuinely biodegradable product. The standard filler ingredient should be a vegetable based cellulose.
    3) Find out how long it takes to decompose. It should be labeled as being able to break down within 180 to 360 days; the average time is 180 days. High Heat PLA Corn Starch resin takes longer than average to break down, and is not suitable for composting at home.
    4) It should be able to handle both hot and cold foods, between the ranges of 150- to 200 degrees F. For instance, polylactide plastics (PLA) are made by fermenting carbon and sugars stored in plants, but it will not hold up to hot foods or warm liquids.
    5) Most bio-plastics are made with fillers – check the label to find out if the fillers are biodegradable.

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