How can we test the health of a river system?



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    The health of a watershed can be understood by observing biological, physical, and chemical factors.

    Biological factors involved whether there is aquatic life, how healthy it is, and how numerous it is. 

    Physical factors involve observing the stream bank (stable?  eroding into the stream?) and the flood plains  (are they clear?)

    Chemical factors involve looking at the chemistry of the water, such as pH, specific gravity, and the compounds that are in the water.

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    There are quite a few “tests” that can be run to observe the health levels of a river. Friends of the Chicago River has published a list, at the link below, of many different issues to look at, including the lowness/highness of the river flow, evidence of erosion, the color/content of the water, the presence of bacteria and macroinvertebrates in the water, the plants and animals living around the water, the land around the river, and many other issues. Making observations about these different points can help determine whether or not a river is healthy.

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