How can we tell if global warming really exists?



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    From the thousands of temperature readings by scientists all around the world, all showing the planet has been getting hotter. From rising sea levels and melting sea ice that has intensified over the last several years.  From the acidification of the oceans, the disruption of countless species’ migration patterns, and the droughts and freak weather pattern that have been growing more and more common.

    Or perhaps most of all: because we’ve known CO2 causes the planet to warm for 100 years, we know we’re putting millions of tons of it into the atmosphere, and the planet is warming exactly as the models would predict from that.  Those who say global warming is “natural” can never seem to explain why, if the CO2 we’re releasing miraculously isn’t making the planet warm up , what on Earth is.

    The people who say global warming isn’t real are industry heads who profit from continued unregulated greenhouse gasses. They have launched a massive PR campaign to confuse the public about climate change so that they can keep making money for as long as possible.

    Please click the link at the bottom of the page. It refutes every single argument raised by so-called “skeptics,” explaining the complicated science of climate change in a way anyone can understand. 


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