how can we stop poachers from killing Silver back Gorillas?



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    There are a few ways you can help.

    First and foremost, educate. Tell as many people as possible about the threats. The more people are informed, the more likely they are to care and the more willing they are to contribute their time, money and energy towards this.

    Second, you may donate money to an organization like IGCP (international Gorilla Conservation Programme – link below). What they will do with your money is described on the site and they organize anti-poaching patrols and bee keeper jobs to fund the economy.

    You may also organize (going along with the first thing I said) and contact authorities. If the laws were more strict about illegal guns and killing endangered species, we would not see such a drastic threat to the species. It is important to let authorities know that we care.


    I attached an article that might inspire and give you ideas.

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