how can we stop the misuse of water?



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    I would say “overuse” is a better word because “misuse” is too subjective (we can say that using water in a carwash is a better use than using water in a brewery). Water waste is an issue though; it used frivorously as if its supply is limitless. We have taken large steps to reduce waste by employing water treatment centers and technologies that utilize water more efficiently.

    On an individual basis there is still a lot we can do in the way of efficient water use. Some ways to to save water are not leaving a faucet running when you are not using it. When rinsing dishes, scrub while rinsing so as not to rely entirely on water pressure. Don’t run the dishwasher until there is a full load, same with laundry. If we all take small steps like this, it will collectively make a large difference.

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