How can we stop harming ecosystems?



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    I would say the most immediate course of action we could take we be to stop expanding our living space and industrial activities into untouched environments, and also to stop clear cutting forests. Invading these ecosystems drives species away from what was their natural habitat and forces them to find one equally suitable. In a particularly fragile ecosystem, species may not be able to find an alternative. Many species do find a way to still exist amongst us, but some become dependent on our waste as a source of food; a diet that is both unnatural and unhealthy for them. 

    In agricultural and industrial areas there is a problem of run-off. Run-off is the drainage of chemicals (like pesticides) and oils into streams which carry into larger bodies of water; poisoning natural inhabitants. 

    Expansion and clear-cutting also cause watershed effects, where a lack of vegetation causes drainage of rain waters into rivers and streams. The unusually large debris and sediment the rain waters carry into the streams or rivers can be damaging to fish eggs, potentially endangering their population. If watershed effect is significant enough it can also cause flooding. 

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    The simplest answer is that we can stop living so unsustainably. We should stop producing so much waste that takes up space in landfills on land that could otherwise be natural habitat. We can stop expanding the boundaries of our cities in to virign land. We can decrease the pollution we put in to the air, water and soil. We can also help protect endangered and threatened species so that natural food chains can say in tact.

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    Deforestation is one of the biggest problems and contributors to global warming. Not only is deforestation destroying the natural habitats of thousands of animals, but it’s also releasing carbon into the atmosphere. Global warming is creating warmer temperaturs around the world, with disastrous effects in the arctic. The ice is melting, leaving the polar bears with little habitat in which to live. Overall, the destruction of the world’s forests is a major threat to ecosystems and more needs to be done to stop it. 

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