How can we stop exotic animal ownership?



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    Most developed countries already have strict laws on keeping exotic animals as pets, but of course people still do it anyway. I think it’s important to make sure people know why owning an exotic pet is bad, instead of just saying “don’t do it.” People need to know that wild animals can carry diseases, and that most of them need a lot of space and exercise to wander around in order to be happy and healthy -space that almost all forms of captivity can’t provide them. And when your animal is miserable, it becomes doubly dangerous to you -especially if it’s large or a carnivore. 

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    In Hartford the legislature’s Environment Committee has attempted to create legislation to ban private ownership of exotic animals. If it becomes a serious issue legislation may take action to stop exotic animal ownership. Their main reason for banning private ownership of exotic animals is due to an owner’s chimpanzee attacking a guest. Overall, exotic animal ownership can be stopped by addressing the problem and showing how private ownership can be a bad thing in certain situations.

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    I have to agree that overall I think exotic pets should be banned, but I do think it should be done carefully.  First of all, bans can often mean obfuscation of currently owned pets, often ending in euthanasia.  Also, cruelty and misunderstanding of the proper care for especially large animals seems reason enough to me to prevent their ownership.  However, that said, I would like to present a devil’s advocate to whom I’m not in agreement with, but has some good points.  Cases of cats and dogs being horrifically mistreated are astoundingly numerous, but that doesn’t make me think that all people should be deprived of the companionship of these animals.  I do think that the extremely high maintenance of large carnivores makes them a more likely case for cruelty, but check out the site below anyway, it may help in your thinking of what banning can entail, how effective it is, and what may not be so simple about it.

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