how can we stop the cutting down of the trees if we need them to survive



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    One way to reduce the quantity of trees that are cut is to impose a tax on wood. In Economics, we would call this a Pigouvian tax. We could adjust the price of the tax until the number of trees that are getting cut down is smaller than the rate at which we can re-plant and grow them. This concept has been applied to many other goods such as cigarettes and alcohol. In this case, you can see how it applies to gasoline. However, this assumes that the trees are all on public land and available for anyone to cut.

    In reality, many forests today (In the US) are privately owned and farmed for timber. Forest managers track the growth of their forests and decide how long to wait between planting and harvesting based on how they can make the most profit. Private owners are often very responsible when it comes to keeping their forests healthy.

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