How can we stop companies from greenwashing?



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    Greenpeace has a letter you can submit to congress, which is the first link below. You can also contact corporations to voice concerns when you hear them greenwashing, make comments on blogs, websites, social media, etc. and even register a complaint with the FTC or Better Business Bureau.

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    You can also educate yourself on what ingredients and packaging are not actually “green” and avoiding those products.  If we educate ourselves and stop buying these products because we know the companies are falsely advertising their products, they will have no choice but to change their practices.  The best way to vote is often with your dollar. 

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    Advertising standards have to change and companies have to integrate better advertising policies in their code of conduct. One company promotes use of Carbon Accounting Principles and Emissions Accounting. The standard for transparency is used in the financial world through Sarbanes-Oxley and Consumers have to demand green products and be skeptical of advertising. 

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