how can we stop air pollution



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    I don’t know about stopping it entirely, but there are many things that could be done to significantly reduce air pollution.  The sources of air pollution are many, but one of the major contributors are transportation, power production, and manufacturing. 

    On the individual level, one of the simplest things we can do is reduce emissions from transportation vehicles.  This can be done by buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle, or a vehicle that runs on a clean fuel, walking or biking instead of driving, buying local, and cutting down on vacations and other long-distance travel.  Reducing your in-home energy demand, improving the efficiency of your home and appliances, and switching to a non-polluting energy source are also great options for reducing your contribution to air pollution, as is buying items used rather than new to cut down on air pollution due to production.

    On a larger scale, some ways that air pollution can be curtailed are by using more efficient transportation and production methods, burning cleaner fuels, and using fewer toxic chemicals in production.

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