How can we start to use e-readers for students in either college or high School?



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    Many text book companies are trying to develop more web based text books for college students.  In principle e-readers can be used for text books or novels assigned for classes if they come in an online version.  However, it is likely going to be a huge start-up cost for this type of change, but many colleges, such as the University of Wisconsin – Stout, include a free laptop for students in the tuition costs.  Presumably there could be some sort of e-reader given to all students and the need for bookstores and text book purchases could be eliminated.

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    Although I admit that I am not the most familiar with e-readers, as a recent college graduate, I should know what college students want to see in an e-reader. First of all, the cost of buying the e-reader and electronic textbooks should be significantly cheaper than buying actual textbooks. Not all colleges can afford to give away free e-readers to their students, but it would certainly help if they were heavily discounted at the college bookstore. Another way that e-readers would be more widespread among college students was if they were user-friendly. This could be achieved by making them portable, easy to take notes in, easy to look up particular words or phrases in, easy to highlight particular passages, and easy to read, among other things.

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