How can we spread environmental awareness through movies for kids?



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    Well, many movies for children have already been made, and the UN is even using the Disney character Tinker Bell to be the official “green ambassador” to raise environmental awareness in children. Using green literature is another way to raise awareness in children as well.

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    I think Wall-E took a step in the right direction in terms of a movie spreading a little environmental awareness to kids.  But Disney has been inspiring kids to appreciate nature for a long time now through movies and characters heavily revolved around nature and the environment; and many environmentalists have accredited the movie Bambi for inspiring them to care.

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    Many great children’s movies have environmental topics.  One of my favorites as a kid was Fern-Gully.  It deals with problems in the rainforest in a way that children would understand.  There’s more information below.

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    Definitely by showing them movies related to the environment. WALL-E, Spirited Away, Happy Feet, and Princess Mononoke are great animated movies that also have some relevance to the environment.

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    Watch Fern Gully, of course.

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