How can we solve the problem of environmental degradation?



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    By not degrading the environment (not causing harm to it) — and instead — by restoring it! We need to undertake massive efforts to clean up habitats, and to make sure we limit carbon emissions as much as possible in the near term. Hopefully a solution will arise to the problems of energy consumption (we’ll either all figure out how to use WAY LESS or we will figure out a way to make enough using clean, renewable sources—they are working on fusion power as we speak, but the idea of creating a mini-sun here on earth is scary… it seems to me to be strange to think we need THAT MUCH POWER, especially since there is already a nice, working sun nearby that is already providing us with plenty energy—indeed the sun’s energy has sustained life on earth for more than a billion years. I don’t think we need to use sooo much energy and power—to burn fossil fuels for transportation (their are alternate means which are much more healthy for both individuals and the environment) and other polluting substances (coal, nuclear fuels, etc.)… Basically all we have to do is become more like the native americans, and less like the fat pigs that we are!

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