How can we save water while using the toilet?



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    Well, this may strike you as a bit gross, but you can consider flushing the toilet less often–of course, within reason. Say you’re just emptying your bladder and you know that someone is following you in–why not just let them flush once instead of replenishing the water twice? There are also high efficiency toilets (in fact, now-a-days, most of them are of the water-conserving variety), but if you don’t have one yet, check out the link below for more information.

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    I agree with the other answer and just wanted to add couple of tricks I use. If you open the tank of the toilet most of the flushing mechanisms are adjustable, i.e. you can adjust the floating portion down so that the tank takes less water at every flush. Besides this I’d also put in one or two mason jars (depending on the size of your toilet tank) full of water to displace water in the tank and make the toilet take less water as well. Every little bit helps!

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    If its yellow…yeah, I am sure we are aware of that old adage. If not, the two previous posts from jaytee and vagamundo pretty much nailed it. In addition to these, however, there is the option of getting a low-flow toilet. These particular toilets use less water per flush and can help save water and money on your bills. 

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