How can we save endangered birds from going extinct?



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    One easy-to-implement way to help endangered birds is to place decals on your windows to prevent birds from running into them. In addition to protecting wildlife habitats where endangered birds live, you can create your own bird habitat by planting native plants which birds like. Minimizing your use of herbicides and pesticides helps birds by preventing the chemicals in them from reaching their prey, which in turn can affect them.

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    The best way to prevent the extinction of any animal really is to not displace the species so much from their natural habitat that they can no longer survive. Another thing that humans can do is also not kill of a specific species’ food source, or destroy their types of shelters. Most species become endangered by over-hunting and displacement from habitats, both due to human intervention. If humans can learn to better integrate the world with nature, all will be better of without fear of extinction. 

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