How can we reuse newspapers?



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    One way is that they can be used as rags in cleaning up messes.  For alternative uses for newspapers, and other everyday products, check out the website below.

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    You can use it as wrapping paper, for one.  Once that’s been used, it can then be recycled.  It’s a simple use that might not be all that reusable as a recycling method, but it’s something.

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    Old newspapers are great to use as fire starters if you have a fire place, or they can be used to protect glass products when moving or storing in boxes.  Newspapers can also be used to help ripen fruits when you wrap them up together.  Old newspapers can also be shredded and used as eco-friendly kitty litter.

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         You can use old newspapers for papier mâché, which is a fun project for kids. Here are just a few of the many online tutorials that are available:âché


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    Newspapers are also being used for cellulose insulation. Mixed with other ingredients, it can be a great “green” option to traditional chemical based insulation.

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    You can also use newspapers to do papr mache, to act as a table cover for messy art project, to make paper airplanes, to put under your cars in your garage to protect the floor from oil leaks, to put in a fire as fuel, to put at the bottom of a bird cage so that the bird’s feces will land on that and then you can easily remove the soiled paper and recycle it and then put another newspaper in, and you can also use it to make toy boats and hats.

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    When camping, newspaper can be layered underneath a sleeping bag in order to keep it dry and provide extra padding.  Newspapers can also be used to ripen tomatoes.  Green tomatoes can be wrapped in sheets of newspaper, and then placed in a box with a closed lid to speed up the ripening process.  For more ideas follow the link below.

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