How can we reduce the water we use in landscaping easily?



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    Reducing the total amount used is going to be tough, as people like plants to grow tall and strong and the only way to do that is to water them regularly. What can be reduced however, is the amount of water we take from the normal supply chain—clean drinking water….  Grey water is water that has been used for a purpose like washing the dishes, clothes, water that does down the drain in the sink or in the bathtub, and it can be collected nowadays—thanks to a new green technology—it get’s filtered and reused for these types of applications. Also, rain water can be collected from runoff into gutters and storn drains; you can store many gallons in a huge tank that all the gutters run into, and use that to water the grass later on when it isn’t raining as much! Google “grey water system” and you will see an awesome diagram!

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