How can we reduce our grain demand?



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    Well to be honest grain is the most environmentally friendly food. It takes far less energy to make enough grain for a human to eat than enough meat for a human to eat. The lower down the food chain we eat, the more efficient it is to grow the food.

    This chart shows how much energy is required to produce various types of food.


    Reducing grain demand would increase demand for other types of food, most of which are more inefficient.

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    One of the main products we produce from corn is corn syrup, the sweetener we use in all kinds of mass-produced food, from soda to chips to candy. There are many more sustainable alternative sweeteners, such as honey and agave nectar. Corn is a particularly unsustainable crop because it depletes the soil, does not get rotated with other crops, and it requires many pesticides. If we moved towards more sustainable sweeteners we would eliminate TONS of these unsustainable fields and encourage more beekeeping and agave production. Agave makes tequila too, yeehaw!!

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