How can we reduce the amount of plastics that we use in the world?



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    There are many things that we can do to reduce the amount of plastics we use.  From a manufacturing level, products can be made using less plastic.  They may be less durable, but things like plastic bottles are typically disposable after one use and don’t need to be as durable as they are currently made.  From an individual standpoint, some things we can do to minimize our plastic use are:

    1. Say “no” to plastic grocery bags.

    2. Stop buying and using bottled water.

    3. Say “no” to plastic snack bags, baggies and sandwich bags.

    4. Purchase items in bulk with less packaging.

    5. Think durable not disposable.

    6. Purchase items made of recycled materials.

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    We can also advocate better alternatives in general.  People are more inclined to go with different options, rather than abstain from products that have been integrated so deeply in their lives.  Corn plastic is an extremely eco-friendly alternative to the petroleum norm.

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