How can we reduce the amount of fuel used in our shipping industry?



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    As of Summer 2009, this question began to be addressed. The NRDC put out a press release explaining how ocean-going shipping vessels will be required to use progressively cleaner fuels. While this is helpful, it still does not specifically address the issue of reduction. One simple way to cut back on shipping fuel is to simply require less shipping – ship from nearer locations and try to make small changes like eating and shopping locally. 

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    Another option is to utilize our trains better.  Trains generally use much less fuel and energy to conduct and are therefore great for shipping and public transportation.  While the high speed train system is still in progress in California, such projects might also do wonders for shipping.  

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    Generally making ships more efficient is one way, designing better engines, lower resistant boats and so on. But what some German fishermen came up with is a kite. It is a giant kite that harnesses wind power and could save for 10% to 30% on fuel consumption. Because the global fisheries account for 1% of the worlds total fuel consumption and emit 130 million tons of carbon dioxide annually these so called “Skysails” could have a huge impact.

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