How can we reduce the amount of food borne illnesses in the United States?



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    There are steps that need to be taken on an industrial, agricultural and consumer level. 

    Industrial: Livestock owners/producers have the responsibility of maintaining healthy livestock. This means avoidance of over-crowding regardless of the scale of “production,” watering livestock with water from a wholesome and uncontaminated source, following adequate feed formulas and quantities. These steps will give the livestock a good quality of life and a strong immunity to bacteria and viruses. If the owner purchases the livestock from another environment it is important to keep that group separated from groups born of a different environment. Foreign groups of livestock may carry viruses or bacteria that the domestic group have no immunity for. The owner should constantly observe livestock for signs of illness or disease. Deceased livestock should be removed and buried immediately. Slaughtering, packaging and distribution should be a clean, timely process where the meat is maintained at a proper temperature.

    Agricultrual: Farmers need to take some of the same measures as livestock owners. Constant observation for disease or infestation is essential. If infestation is a problem, the farmer should use safe or organic pesticides. Irrigation must be tied to a wholesome water source that is free from chemical pollution and/or harmful bacteria. Like with livestock, post harvest processes should be clean and timely to avoid rotting and bacteria growth.

    Consumer: Food preparation and storage is just as important as the healthiness of the source. Cross contamination should be avoided by washing hands, switching knives and cutting-boards after handling raw meats. Food needs to be cooked thoroughly and to standards of preparation. Food should be rinsed and cooked with clean water. Perishable food needs to be stored at a temperature specific to its maintenance. 

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