how can we recycle?

becides putting paper in a blue bin.



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    You can recycle much more than paper. When separated, plastic bottles and metal cans can also be recycled. There should be additional bins for these items.

    Composting is a great way to recycle kitchen waste. Add vegetable and fruit clippings to items such as twigs, dried grass, and straw to create a natural soil fertilizer. By composting, you use waste to enrich the soil and grow more plants (which is a great thing for the environnment).

    You can also recycle electronics and electronic parts by following the distributor’s guidelines. To recycle electronics, call the company that provided the product to you for information for guidelines on how to recycle it. Local recycling centers also usually have this information.

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    Some other commonly recycled products include aluminum cans, certain kinds of plastics, and glass. If pickup for those recyclables isn’t available in your neighborhood, you’ll likely be able to find a recycling center near by that will take them. It’s also worth looking in to ways to recycle old or broken electronics like laptops and cell phones. Throwing these products out can result in dangerous chemicals leaking out of their batteries and into the environment.

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    You can also recycle your old clothing and take them to places such as Savers, Goodwill or, if where you live has one, a store that will buy your clothing. For example, here in austin there is a store called Buffalo Exchange where people can exchange their old clothes for clothes in the store. People can also sell their clothes. Besides those listed above, recycling your clothing can also be very beneficial too.

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    Recycling starts with collecting and processing used items.  You can “finish” recycling by purchasing recycled goods.  From there the process can begin anew.  The more we put a demand on recycled products the more companies will provide them.

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