How can we raise awareness of the deforestation of the rainforest?



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    Good question, SamSam.  I think word of mouth is the best opportunity.  If you really care about something, choose book or website that is particularly informative and persuasive to recommend to a friend, family member, or co-worker.  I think people are more likely to look into something if someone they know and care about suggests they do so, rather than an ad on TV or something.


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    Bring it up in conversation. One of the best ways to disseminate information and raise awareness is through person to person communication. Whenever we surf the internet we are bombarded with information, some good and some bad and some totally irrelevant; trying to convey a serious message is difficult without it getting lost in the mess of the internet. We do not need to stand on corners or in front of grocery stores to convey the message, just work it into a conversation with a friend or an aquaintance. Any time you happen to be eating soy-something, mention the role that soy plays in deforestation. Just an idea. However, there are other online people who share your sentiment and the naturally have websites for further research to raise money.

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    Well, one group has created an interestin way to promote awareness of endangered species due to overpopulation and deforestation. An environmental group in Phonenix has released eco friendly condoms that have pictures of endangered species on them and facts about their existence. It is to promote awareness about the human effects on animals, including deforestation.

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