How can we punish the companies that greenwash?



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    Aside from asking the government to impose sanctions, you could refuse to purchase their goods or services.  If you don’t use their products and choose a more eco-friendly competitor instead, you can have an effect, as a bonus, convince your friends and neighbors to do so as well.  If you are partiuclarly upset, you could write to the company to tell them what you would like to see changed.

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    I agree with the above poster – refusing to purchase their products, drawing attention to their green washing by encouraging your friends to boycott their products as well, and spreading your knowledge about a company’s greenwashing as much as possible are all good options. Just as important can be supporting companies you know to operate on a green ethos, as well as helping inform others about the importance of supporting companies that prize sustainability.

    If the greenwashing is egregious enough it may constitute false advertising, in which case you could contact your local department of consumer affairs or Better Business Bureau.

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    Boycotting their goods and services as well as writing to the company, or posting public criticism is a good way to punish a company that greenwashes. One example came from Frito-Lay’s SunChips. SunChips created a “biodegradable” bag for their chips. While the product didn’t do well because many people complained about the noise of the bag, the company also neglected to mention that the bag could only be composted in a heat-treated composting facility, and would not biodegrade in a back yard composting pile. Outrage over the noise and greenwashing about composting caused a dip in sales, and SunChips recalled the “biodegradable” bags. While representatives at SunChips say they are working on a quieter bag, I hope they also fix the composting issue. It would be nice if the bags could be composted in people’s back yards!

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