How can we protect polar bears?



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    The biggest step we can take in protecting polar bears is protecting their habitat—and that means facing the huge problem of global warming.  As the planet heats up, the polar bear’s natural habitat of the icy arctic is destroyed, and scientists believe they are at risk of extinction in the next century.  Taking significant steps to slow climate change would be the best thing for wild polar bear populations. 

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    At the website provided below you can fill out a form to urge your Senator to co-sponsor the Global Warming Survival Act, which calls for a national strategy to safeguard wildlife and habitat impacted by global warming.

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    Another method would be to reduce or eliminate the hunting of polar bears. There are estimated to be between 22,000 and 25,000 polar bears in the world. Sixty percent of those are in Canada, which gives licenses to trophy hunters to hunt polar bears. The rest are in Alaska, Norway, Greenland and Russia. If a nation such as Canada, for example, did more to protect polar bears from hunters, many of them would be able to escape a needless death.

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