how can we protect the people from tsunami deaths?



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    Protection in the form of prevention is not an option with tsunamis unfortunately, especially with the extreme weather conditions that have appeared in the last few years due to global warning. Therefore, the best way to protect people from death due to tsunamis is with preparation in the event of one. 

    The state of Oregon has a preparation website to aid in preparing people for a disaster such as a tsunami, however protection is really up to individual countries and might not be the same everywhere. 

    They warn that the best way to escape an oncoming tsunami is to reach high ground outside of the forewarned tsunami area as soon as possible. This should ensure your safety. If you are in a steel or concrete building that has three or more floors, getting above the third floor should ensure your safety. If you are out on a boat, getting to shore as soon as possible and then to high ground gives you the best possible chance of survival. If you are on a ship out at sea, the best chance of survival is to head to deep water, which could be 10 up to 40 nautical miles away from shore. 

    If authorities warn you of a possible tsunami – don’t wait it out, get to high ground. Also, do not return to lower ground until you are sure that the all clear has been given by authorities.

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