How can we protect our fisheries for years to come?



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    There are a couple of things that we can do, if you feel like getting up close and personal with this issue, you can send a letter to your congressmen here This was set up because there is talk about Congress rolling back some parts of the laws that protect the fisheries. Besides that, I think the main way to protect our fisheries is to spread knowledge about them. If more people realize how important they are, it will become easier to protect them. 

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    First of all stop the oil spills. Second, not overharvest our fisheries. 

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    Overfishing is a huge problem, and will only continue to grow as we continue to over-fish. There is a startling small portion of the oceans that is 100% protected from fishing. These areas are simply exploding with wildlife. I think that if we are going to protect our fish, we need to promote more and more areas that are 100% protected. The fish populations need a chance to repopulate, and that would be a wonderful way to help accomplish that.  

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