How can we protect the ocean?



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    There are many ways that oceans need to be protected.  One aspect is due to overfishing.  Pesticide and fertilizer runoff have caused over 400 dead zones.  The following are ways to maintain and improve ocean health.  1.  Assist sea turtles by turning off outdoor lights during hatching season.  2.  Recycle, dont litter, and join teams to clean ocean fronts.  3.  Avoid cosmetics containing squalene, a shark based ingerdient.  4.  Go scuba diving-  more tourist money creates more incentive for legislators to protect the ocean.  5.  Pick fish that says line-caught or diver caught.

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    One way is by cleaning up our streets! When debris and trash gets littered, it eventually finds its way to a waterway, where it is usually then carried along to the ocean. We need to try to get to the trash before it gets to us (or, really, before it gets to any waterway in the first place, where it will either clog our sewage/ drainage pipes or eventually get carried out to see, where it will disturb the ocean’s eco-system, in turn harming humans in the long term)… The other thing we can do is limit the use of tankers and boats which churn up the ocean with their huge oversized and overpowered motors. We need to do more with less. And we have so much trash floating around out there, it’s time to clean it up!

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    A great way to protect the ocean is support the development of marine reserves and marine protected areas.  These areas (such as the Marine National Monument in Hawaii) prohibit commercial fishing, mining, drilling and dumping, effectively protecting fish stocks and preserving the water and ecological quality of the region.  They are also great research areas where more can be learned about ocean environments.

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