How can we prevent primates from going extinct?



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    I think proctect their living environment is very important, only they have a good living environment can thery live well, and also people should love primates from their heart, the whole counry should realize this question and then pay high attention to it, if necessary, the country can make some measures to protect primates.

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    A lot of their natural habitats are being converted into agricultural or urban uses, especially in the tropics. Land use development needs to take better consideration of  the development’s impacts on native species and their habitats.Poaching is quite a big business internationally for bushmeat, exotic pets and their fur Although there are international law prohibiting this, it needs better enforcement.  We can do our part by supporting NGOs that protect wildlife habitats. We can boycott products that are grown in places where primates live. 

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    As aishachen662 mentioned, people should learn to love primates. In fact, there are many people who already do love primates. Since humans are also primates, we can learn a lot by studying our close cousins. Primatology is quite a rich field of study, and we have learned how to raise several species of primates in captivity. However, habitat protection is still important for the survival or wild primate species.

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