How can we preserve the environment through the use of legislation?



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    Legislation is perhaps our best tool protect the environment. Strong bills that limit how we use our natural resources and how we pollute our environment have already had a huge impact. Rivers in the U.S. no longer catch on fire like the Cuyahoga River in Ohio did in 1969, incidents like the Love Canal and the horrible disfigurations of children exposed to the seeping chemicals there aren’t happening as often (there are still some places where there are issues. Damage to the ozone layer has been lessened by an international agreement to stop using CFCs. These are largely because of legislation like the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and Superfund legislation. But we need more legislation that keeps us from further polluting our environment with CO2, SO2, NOx, carcinogens and more. We need legislation to protect our natural resources from being mined or misused by special interests.

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