How can we make watching TV more green?



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    By unsubscribe from cable services and simply downloading your favorite shows on your computer, you’ll be saving you 15 minutes per show in commercial time (that’s 15 minutes of energy!). To turn you computer into your television requires absolutely no installation of anything. You’ll be saving money, time, and energy!

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    The average American watches 151 hours per month which is approximately 5 hours per day. Perhaps if we could cut back on watching television a few hours per day, we can lessen our overall power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

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    There are energy star rated TVs on the market that on average use about 30 percent less energy than traditional units. Another thing you can do to save energy is to unplug your TV when you are not using it. A TV that is left plugged in and not on will still consume energy. If you are looking for any energy star rated TV visit the citation below that has a locater that allows you to type in the brand, size, and display you want and shows you a list of energy star TVs that meet your requirements.

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