How can we make urbanization have less of a negative impact on the environment?



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    Vertical farming is being considered as a sustainable and environmentally considerate way of dealing with urbanization.  Vertical farming adopts its model from the natural environment and makes the best use of hydroponics, solar energy, aeroponics, and drip irrigation.  It is estimated that these vertical farms can produce at a rate ten times greater than that of a conventional farm.  Unfortunately, the first vertical farm is only in a prototype stage and will take $40 million dollars worth of funding to get off the ground.

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    We can plant trees and create green roofs to keep it slightly more natural.  Relying on green energy like solar panels and wind energy will help reduce the dependence on electricity.  Collectively, people could cut back on electricity and water use to make their city more environmentally friendly.

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    Urban and suburban sprawls are some of the “leaks” often under evaluated when addressing the environmental effects of urbanization. Daily influx and return of the suburban workforce to and from the city have become consistent contributors to the carbon footprint. Urban and suburban sprawls were not designed with feet in mind – going anywhere requires first getting into ones vehicle. Centralizing urban and suburban neighborhoods has numerous communal benefits, diminishing the carbon footprint being one of them. Adequate public transportation and redesign of suburban communities are some of the long-term goals to consider.

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    Bicycle highways

    Lower speed limit 49cc  roads

    lead to jobs in alternative vehicles

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    We can help make urbanization be more eco friendly by creating permeable surfaces. Instead of putting on a normal roof, make it a green roof, have permeable plant areas in parking lots, use the loose brick system to catch rain water beneath drivable surfaces and use a rain water catch system. 

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