How can we make SUV’s more efficient?



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    There are a bunch of small things to make SUVs more efficient, like keeping tires inflated and not idling. In terms of design, SUVs can definitely improve their engines in terms of fuel economy. The aerodynamics of SUVs can also be improved, as most of them are big and bulky.

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    Many car companies have made SUVs more efficient in recent years by creating hybrid models and more fuel efficient engines. Many popular cars also come in biodiesel options, which have much less emissions. 

    As a driver, one should also be keen and aware of keeping their cars tuned at all times. This includes keeping frequent track of engine oil changes, maintaining speed limits, avoiding keeping heavy materials in cars, keeping tires inflated and aligned, and getting smog checked often. These tips allow one to fill up on gas less frequently, and also produce less harmful emissions into the environment. 

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