How can we make skin care products better for the environment?



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    Well, first and formost, try to avoid skin products that are oil based, as that will reduce the need for petroleum. Also, we can avoid chemical preservatives, as they will leach into your skin, or damage the environment when they go down the drain. Please follow the attachment for more information on the chemicals in skin products and how to avoid them.

    I hope this helped!

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    As far as health concerns, the link below rates cosmetics on how safe they are.  The ones that are safe are often also eco-friendly.

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     I would also suggest looking into some natural skin remedies. I find using all natural products on your skin is the best path to healthy skin. Someone once told me that if you wouldn`t put it in your mouth don`t put it on your skin. Great advice! I found a really good book called skinsational that is full of natural skin care recipes. Hope that helps!

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