How can we make raising children more green?



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    Education. I honestly think the main thing that plagues this country is consumerism. The whole “throw away” mentality that seems to be with people who aren’t environmentally conscious. I believe educating our young to be more environmentally conscious will help them become less wasteful throughout their entire lives, which will surely have a profound effect on the environment.

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    Children, like people in general, are hard to make “green” in modern society because all industrial human activities are environmentally destructive. Some things we can do are to make an effort to buy products for them made by environmentally responsible companies. Examples are organic foods (which is arguably healthier as well) and sustainable clothing. Another healthy and environmentally friendly thing to do is turn off the television and raise them to enjoy playing outside.

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    One really important part of raising a green baby is using SECOND HAND items like clothes and toys. Buying second hand (or getting hand me downs from friends/family) is a greener practice than buying from environmentally conscious companies. When you buy second hand, you refuse to engage in the supply-and-demand chain; you’re discouraging companies from making as many products.
    Plus, kids grow out of stuff so fast it makes sense to get it second hand anyway, then give it to another green baby…third hand!

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    I read this question when first posted but didn’t know exactly what comments to contribute which would be useful. However, I stumbled across this article, “The Future of Climate Change: How to Teach Out Children to Conserve” ( which interviews families and mentions resources which utilized as a way to raise children who will be environmentally conscious. I think that it is a great article to read, for it explains the challenge, the need, and discusses solutions.

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